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white people wanna talk about “respecting the dead” and “remembering them for the good they’ve done” until a black person gets killed and suddenly every bad thing from their past justifies murder

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I don’t think we have any idea what immigrant mothers give up for us. Give up their country, their family, their entire lives to move across the globe to a country that treats them like dirt because they’re not able to properly pronounce a word, just so their children can have a better life, a better education.


goddammit bill

I will never take the time to respond to a white woman/ man from east-bubble-fuck who’s idea of civil rights is only collecting can goods during Thanksgiving. Not because you’re white. Not because you’re from east bubble-fuck. But simply because I know that there is no way for you to process passive and institutional forms of injustice. And It doesn’t matter how educated you are lol. If you are not truly open minded and familiar with the American experience through the perspective of a non-white person, everything you say about racism, feminism, and any thing else concerning minorities will be one dimensional. Like why would I , a black woman who has experienced several accounts of passive and active racism, ever let my whole life’s experience be framed differently by someone who has went through there life untouched by the same problem?

So with that being said please do not run up in my inbox all anonymous calling me a “nigger cunt bitch” or challenging my opinions in a entitled manner. You are simply wasting your time. Your comments roll off my mind like water off a ducks ass.


Over the weekend you may have heard of or seen - nude photos of celebrities were stolen off of their phones and posted online. It’s a terrible invasion of privacy, but probably the most disconcerting part of this for me is that some people are blaming the celebrities for having the nude photos on their phones in the first place.

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Serves you fucking right you little bitch

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I HATE when girls swear



It hurts. Hearing a cute voice say such foul things. It makes me sad.. If you want make to me sad be a girl and swear..

shut the fuck up

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Why do ppl get so mad when girls like themselves

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